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They say the most stressful life events are moving to a new home; giving a speech to a big crowd; family holidays; and losing a spouse or family member. Well, they left out one other huge one—a cancer diagnosis.

And yet, long-term survivors have a lot to say about their journeys that may surprise you—in a good way!
We all need time to think about what our life will be like with myeloma, once we’ve had the ‘diagnosis’ meeting.

Once the shock wears off and a couple of years go by and you find you are still here, then what? Stop in at the Patient Café below to hear five patients’ stories…


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Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen had just retired when he and his wife Jeanne received his diagnosis of multiple myeloma in March 2012. At that time, his prognosis was between three to four years. Eric had both a stem cell transplant and radiation and suffered through two infections and double pneumonia. He is quick to note, though, that he still enjoys “the fun stuff,” particularly vacations with Jeanne and fishing for salmon. Eric has learned a few lessons about being a cancer patient: Get connected, find credible websites, become knowledgeable, put your own team together, and be your own advocate. His prognosis is now seven to 10 years. As he puts it, “Science is moving quickly on cancer. I need to run to keep up with it.”


  1. Linda Tedone on

    This was wonderful for me! I was diagnosed in August 2015. I have been scared and sad and you give me such hope. Thank you so much. Linda Tedone

  2. Eric Hansen

    Thanks for you kind comments, Linda– the very best to you on your journey, and stay connected! 🙂

  3. Hi Eric congrats on your remission. I was diagnose in 2002 and was told too I had 3 years. Praise God we are still here. I believe a cure is near.

  4. A great story! I was diagnosed April 2016 and traveled to M D Anderson Houston for a stem cell transplant. Gone 3 months through Thanksgiving and Christmas. The sacrifice was more than worth the time away since I will now be around for many future holidays. I’m in stage 2 remission with a great outlook. Your story supports the positive future I feel is ahead for me.

  5. Michelle Meyers on

    My mom was just finally dx after many tests scans she’s extremely active just had surgery to secure femur bone surgery went well hoping to get treatments started for mm (my initials btw) she has a fantastic oncologist
    Would like to know any diet recommendations and advice how to stay strong for her
    She’s my life line my sunshine
    She’s a very vibrant young 74
    And I want many more w her

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