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Titles, Charts and Descriptions for Intermountain Data

Intermountain Data

Intermountain Patient Pin Map

Mapping of the approximate location of each patient in the intermountain area registered on Health Tree.




Weight distribution of Intermountain patients


Intermountain Physician Frequency

Y-axis is the number of patients that each physician sees from the intermountain area, and the x-axis is the name of that physician.

Days in Remission

The frequency of the amount of time spent between a successful treatment before having to go on a new one.


Frequency of public, private, or no insurance.

Treatment Percentages

The percentage of treatments that each medication is included in.

Remission Statuses

The percentage of patients that are in remission or on treatment. Remission includes those that are only on maintenance therapy.

Time Since Diagnosis

Time from diagnosis for intermountain patients in years.

Stem Cell Transplants

Percentage of patients that have gotten a SCT, have yet to get a SCT, and that we do not have enough information on.

Genetic Risk

Genetic risk of patients in the intermountain area where risk is determined by possession high risk mutations.

Genetics Percentages

Percentage of genetic tests that include the following mutations

Financial Difficulties

Patients were asked if they had experienced financial difficulties since being diagnosed.

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