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Viral Videos: Helpful and Relevant Myeloma Education

There are many video resources out now for myeloma patients to quickly learn about new discoveries as soon as they are presented at major meetings or in an "Ask The Expert" format. Here are some of the best resources you may want to watch regularly. Patient Power Patient Power has a very nice series of videos on multiple myeloma from many myeloma specialists and researchers at conferences or seminars around the world. They also feature a new "Ask the Expert" series where a myeloma specialist answers key patient questions. Watch their myeloma videos here:

        The International Myeloma Foundation  The IMF always provides videos of key conferences like ASH and ASCO and has a weekly "Ask Dr. Durie" series of videos where Dr. Brian Durie answers a patient question. They also have a series called "Case Studies" about specific myeloma topics. Watch the IMF You Tube channel with all of their videos here: IMF Videos Image          

Oncology Tube

Created for doctors but equally helpful for patients, this series by Oncology Tube covers myeloma topics and most recently, interviews at the International Myeloma Working Group meeting in Milan, Italy. Select "multiple myeloma" from the "Categories" drop down to see all myeloma videos. Watch the myeloma videos here: Oncology Tube Image  

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