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What can I do for neuropathy? I can hardly walk or touch anything.

One of the side effects of myeloma medications is neuropathy, which can affect feet and hands. This can make walking or touch painful. Ways to help manage these symptoms include: 1) Movement and exercise. As much as possible, do things that increase circulation to your extremities. If pain is more intense, consider non impact activities, like using a stationary bike or swimming. 2) Massage. This helps increase circulation and blood flow to the area, which helps decrease pain and numbness. 3) Soaking. Try a foot bath with Epsom salts. Adding essential oils, like peppermint and lavender, can also help. 4) Good shoes. Always wear shoes with support and padding. As summer approaches, select sandals that offer the best support possible. At home, wear slippers. This will not only decrease pain when walking but will protect your feet. Your best approach is to never go barefoot. 5) De-stress. Stress affects neuropathy. Meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga are great stress relievers. As always, keep your doctor informed of your side effects.

Jennifer Ahlstrom
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