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Two World-Recognized Experts Reflect on the State of Myeloma Treatment and Research


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When first confronted with a myeloma diagnosis, it is difficult to see the big picture about a disease you’ve likely never heard of before.  “What do I do NOW?” is a normal reaction.

But looking into the myeloma universe, this is a fairly optimistic time for myeloma specialists and the majority of patients.  Survival rates are longer than ever and getting longer.  Side effects are increasingly better understood, managed and avoided.

And the word “cure” is no longer a taboo word in polite company.  Yet great challenges remain, especially for those with high-risk disease.

Drs. Rafael Fonseca, from the Mayo Clinic, and Ola Landgren, formerly from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and now with the University of Miami, have strong opinions.  They have been key thought leaders in myeloma for years—as researchers, researchers, and active clinicians treating thousands of patients.

In this, the 21st and final webcast before we restart in-person meetings—which will be broadcast live over the internet and archived—Jenny Ahlstrom, founder and president of the HealthTree Foundation, will engage in a far-reaching discussion with Drs. Fonseca and Landgren about where their field is, where it has been, and where it is going.

Please join us on Saturday, September 25 for a 90 minute program, beginning at 12:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time (9:30 am Pacific, 10:30 am Mountain, 11:30 am Central, 17:30 GMT, 18:30 CET).

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Brozeit at or call 330-990-1090.


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Greg Brozeit
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Greg Brozeit - Greg Brozeit has been engaged in myeloma patient advocacy since 1998. He began working with the Myeloma Crowd in 2015. Prior to that, he consulted with Dr. Bart Barlogie at the University of Arkansas after working with the International Myeloma Foundation for 15 years. In the first half of his time with the IMF, he inaugurated the public policy advocacy program, patient support group outreach and conceived the regional community workshop program. In the latter half, he directed IMF Europe, organizing more than 100 physician and patient education programs. Prior to working in myeloma, Greg was a program and project director for the Center for Civic Education, the Alliance for Aging, and he also served as a legislative aide for U.S. Senator J. Bennett Johnston (D-LA). He began his career as an upper school teacher and boys soccer coach in New Orleans, LA. He earned his BA in political science from Loyola University in New Orleans and lives in northeast Ohio.


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