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Who are Myeloma Coaches? Adult Children can be Coaches Too.

Myeloma Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds.  Coaches may be a myeloma patient themselves, a caregiver, adult child or an extended family member of a myeloma patient.  Each Coach has played a role in a myeloma journey whether their own or with someone they care about. 

While their roles may be different, each have traveled the road of myeloma, with all of its twists and turns.  They have experienced the shock and disbelief upon diagnosis.  They have felt the flood of emotions and feelings of being completely overwhelmed with an instant outpouring of medical information, genetics, labs, and treatment options.  They have searched for reliable resources, a myeloma specialist, ways to combat treatment side effects, or for financial resources and support.  They may have been involved in making preparations for stem cell transplant. 

Approximately 32, 000 individuals will be diagnosed with myeloma in 2019.  Most of these individuals will be over the age of 60, with the average age at diagnosis being 70.  As a result, many of these individuals have adult children who are choosing to become active participants in their parents care.  Children of myeloma patients can be Coaches too! 

Will Newman recently shared what led him to become involved in his father’s myeloma journey and care in this short video.


If you are interested in becoming a Myeloma Coach or working with a Coach, visit our website:

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