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Why Understanding Myeloma Genomics Should Matter To African Americans with Dr. Gareth Morgan, Nov 11 @ 1 PM Eastern

Join the African American Myeloma Community Chapter on November 11th @ 1 PM Eastern 

The African American Myeloma Community Chapter is pleased to welcome internationally recognized clinician-scientist, Dr. Gareth Morgan, to our Chapter. Join us to virtually meet and ask your questions to one of the great myeloma doctors of our day. Dr. Morgan's expertise is in the field of molecular genetics and the treatment of multiple myeloma. During this meeting, he will discuss the role that our genetics play in myeloma treatment and targeted therapy. How does it differ in the African American myeloma population and what can we do with this knowledge once we have it?


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Why meet Dr. Morgan? 

Dr. Morgan truly finds joy in meeting and interacting with his patients. 

He says,

"Medicine was a natural career choice for me because of my interest in the biological sciences, in people, and in their health. I chose hematology—the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases—as a specialty because I loved the idea of using laboratory investigation to understand disease pathology and use that information to personalize treatment."


As director of multiple myeloma research at NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center, Dr. Morgan works with a team of premier doctors who provide outstanding care for patients with multiple myeloma. He feels it a privilege to be able to offer his patients the best advice and care as part of a program that is focused on finding a cure for myeloma and keeping people disease-free for the longest period of time possible after their treatment.

He has pioneered studies on the genetics and treatment of multiple myeloma and has published more than 500 peer-reviewed articles in leading journals. He also speaks regularly at major scientific meetings.

Dr. Morgan is doing influential work on the characterization of the myeloma genome, defining specific subsets of the disease that have prognostic importance, and developing personalized therapeutic strategies targeted to each subtype. He is also engaged in advanced research in molecular diagnostics, drug development, and clinical trials. His research aims to cure myeloma and to reduce side effects by targeting treatment to the biology underlying each patient’s cancer.

We look forward to meeting with Dr. Morgan and each of you as he shares some of his knowledge and expertise with us. Sign up today! 


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Thank you to NYU Langone for the excellent bio of Dr. Gareth Morgan. 


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Valarie Traynham - My name is Valarie Traynham. I live in Aurora, IL. Prior to a Multiple Myeloma diagnosis in 2015, I worked in the Human Resources field. Since being on the Myeloma journey, my focus has shifted to patient advocacy. I volunteer as a Myeloma Coach and lead a local Myeloma Support Group. I am committed to providing community education and bringing awareness to Multiple Myeloma. I am looking forward to serving the unmet needs within the African American Community.


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