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Winners of our Muscles 4 Myeloma MoveSpring September 2021 Fitness Challenge

Following our Muscles for Myeloma Fitness Challenge we are coming off quite the high. This was our most active Fitness Challenge yet! You better believe we had so much support, encouragement and inspiration from each of our participants. As a whole, we had 779 total participants in the challenge, and throughout we had 99% activity from each person. It was absolutely incredible. 

Now what? We have a few months until our next challenge, let’s not stop here. In the upcoming months, we will be faced with: Holidays, daily challenges, fatigue, inconvenience of schedules, and loss of excitement. Those are often the times when most stop pushing. 

Many quit working out for a lot of reasons, but often because goals weren’t set up to begin with. Starting into an exercise routine with the goal “to lose weight” is not a lasting or strong enough goal. Push yourself a bit further to set a goal that is specific and measurable. 

For example, I am going to strength train 2 days per week so I can increase my core strength and quads. By setting a goal to improve your core can help reduce back pain, strengthening your legs will keep you walking and active through those treatments. 

Track your goal, either on the computer, with an app or go old school on a calendar at home pen and paper. There is something extra satisfying about writing down your specific goals and plan then checking it off each time you accomplish it that drives in that goal. 

Now, don’t start too much too quickly. It’s best to start with low intensity and slow down your movement until you are comfortable and gain strength, (as always talk to your doctor about starting exercise programs and what modifications you may need to make). 

No one is going to be perfect in hitting their goals, don’t let one slip up deter you from keeping up with it. Fatigue is very real, if you need a nap instead then listen to your body and take that nap. Understanding your side effects and symptoms is part of learning to listen to your body. Just don’t get discouraged when things aren’t perfect. A smart timeline for activity goals is usually 6 months to a year, track your progress over time, allow recovery periods and find things you enjoy. 

Just remember: 

  • Your diet or nutrition plan will not always be clean or perfect.
  • Your workouts may not always be super fun or amazing
  • Your results may be prolonged and slower than you want, which can cause us to lose motivation and purpose.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Understand it is all part of the journey and keep moving! If you do have a setback, accept it and move on! I challenge you today to be vocal about your goal(s). There is something powerful in our mindset about voicing our goals to ourselves, family, spouse, and friends that helps drive us to stay accountable. Feel free to share them with us! We will be your support in pursuing your goals. 

We want to thank everyone again for participating in our 30 day challenge.  We enjoy doing these challenges with you each March and September.  Over 700 of the participants qualified and received a Muscles for Myeloma T-shirt.  Below is a list of our other winners.  Amazon Gift Cards were sent via email and the Apple Watches are coming with the new release of the new Apple 7 watch.

Our Muscles for Myeloma Fitness Challenge Winners: 

Amazon Gift Card: 

Dave K. 

Bryan S. 

Janet S. 

Joycelyn D. 

Maureen P. 

Savitri D. 

Marilyn B. 

Loretta A. 

Sarah C. 

Charles A. 

Ged A. 

Kristine M. 

Elmano H. 

Seval T. 

Terry W. 

Eileen P. 

Yvonne R. 

JoAnne A. 

Didi A. 

Marianne D. 

Debora H. 

Rose H. 

Heather S. 

Connie W. 


Watch Winners: 

Laura A. 

Kathleen W. 

Jim H. 

Anne L. 

Michelle M. 


Bonus Gift Card to our Most Encouraging/Supportive and Engaged Participant:

Don A.  

Linnley Sweeney
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Linnley Sweeney - Linnley joined the Myeloma Crowd in January 2020 to share her passion for health. Her husband is a Childhood Cancer Survivor as well as a Cancer Biologist. Finding a cure, better treatments, and balancing life through treatment is a huge passion of their family. She's a mom of an energetic 4-year old, marathon runner, and Ironman finisher- fitness has been a huge part of her life and she loves to share it with others.


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